The wonderful' dog that took part in Baghdadi raid!

Belgian Malinois

The “wonderful” Belgian Malinois was injured when Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest on Saturday night inside his Syrian compound.


He had chased down Baghdadi moments before he detonated his vest. The dog sustained minor injuries and was being treated by vets.

Baghdadi, one of the world’s most wanted men, died during a US operation in the Syrian province of Idlib.


  The US military commonly uses Belgian Malinois dogs to guide and protect troops, search out enemy forces and look for explosives.

The breed is prized for its intelligence and ability to be aggressive on command. They are the first line of defense. They go out front! These are Truly Brave Soldier Dogs that put their life on the line for our Amazing Troops!!!


I am so happy this Brave Dog is having a full recovery and will be ok! Good dog would be an understatement… don’t you think!

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