Treatapooch box! monthly dog box! 3 month boxer dog gift box! 6 month dog box!


Boxer dog gift box!

3 Month’s Boxer Dog Gift Box!

Sometimes your cute boxer dog wants a little something special on occasion. Why not introduce them to a 3 month boxer dog gift box! It includes 2 large oz Healthy dog treat bags 2 chews (no Rawhide) and 2 exciting, durable dog toys. ( All made here is the USA).

Is your boxer dogs birthday coming up? We can customize the birthday pooches box just how you would like so your boxer dogs birthday gift box is pure pawsomeness! Oops… I mean awesomeness!


6 Month Dog Box!

Looking for something a bit more pawsome? Try our 6 month dog box! 6 months of excitement sure to make your pup jump for joy every month~

Monthly dog box for 12 months!

  Only $29 a month! What a deal, these boxes are worth well over $45.00. Don’t worry about running to the store for treats, and toys anymore, you can trust Treatapooch to treat your dog right! Take the guess work out of picking healthy treats we have you covered! As an Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist we Thrive on healthy. Sit back and enjoy the Treatapooch way!

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